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It’s time to Bloom!

I work with people  who've spent their life doing what they "should". Now they're ready to design their own life at last.

Faced with change—the end of a professional or personal relationship, empty nest, growing children and  aging parents, they wonder what THEY really want in life.


If you said yes to any of the scenarios above, I’m guessing that you’re ready to make a change…but what?

You realize that our time is finite, and that you can either lament about it or take responsibility and decide what to do with the time you have.


It’s time to take stock.

Through coaching, we will clarify and reframe your goals and possibilities, create a workable plan, and move toward a life that fits who you are today.

 You find yourself: 

·  Feeling you have lost direction and  purpose in life 

· Alternately stressing and dreaming about what you COULD DO, while trying to deal with everything you feel you SHOULD do.

·  Feeling like you’ve always lived by someone else’s rules, so you don’t know what your own rules would look like 

· Wondering who you’ve become, and if it’s too late to change

You know what you don’t want, and know in your core that there must be something more, but  feel overwhelmed by the sudden freedom ahead. 

You long for clarity and fulfillment BUT you don’t know where to start.


KNOW WHAT I MEAN? I can feel you nodding!!

This isn’t just about the goal, it’s about the journey, too. Together we can develop your resources so you enjoy life more,.. You want room to think about how you want the next phase to be, and how to build a fulfilling life that’s in line with who you are today. 


Imagine living a life that feels true to who you are NOW.

Think how spacious that would be, living by your own values, owning your choices, with confidence and purpose. 

  • The world feels more accessible and manageable, even fun, and you can handle its challenges.
  • You feel more in control as dreams and hopes come  into focus.
  • You are living in line with your own beliefs
  • You have the peace of mind of knowing that you are on the right road at last
  • You have a feeling of freedom, lightness and  possibility

I’m here to tell you that it’s never too late—as long as you know what you really want and believe in it. And I can help you with this. I myself have changed countries, cultures, languages and lifestyle. I’ve also accompanied numerous clients to a life of greater peace, purpose and confidence.


As a CPCC (Certified Co-active Coach) I can help focus on the richness of what you have to offer; and support you in tuning in to your priorities, facing your fears, and creating a step-by-step plan to build a fulfilled life .

I've worked as a fashion journalist, stylist, translator, bilingual copywriter, teacher, coach, in New York and Paris but still had the frustrated and restless feeling that I was not making the right use of my precious time on earth. 

I didn’t know how to frame the questions that would help me find my place in life, and had no reliable sounding board. And if you don’t know what we’re looking for, you’re unlikely to find or recognize it. 


But while teaching English in Paris to business people, nursing students, and the staff of the Louvre museum, I found that people trusted me with their stories, and I could really make a difference in their lives. 


Then I did a fashion MBA.  I realized that working in fashion was no longer my goal,  but when classmates started consulting me on the career and relationship changes that they were going through, I had found my vocation! 


I went on to train as coach to hone my skills to be able to really make a difference to people like you who are facing transition, and provide the support that I wish I’d had in my struggles for a resonant path.


In my own life-design, I’ve made a complete turnaround in the last few years. A lifelong city girl, I recently moved from Paris to the English countryside. I work with individual clients in English and in French, give workshops on Designing your Life, and mentor young people who’ve fallen out of the system through the Prince’s Trust. I’m also creating my first real garden, in which I find many coaching metaphors. 

                                     The practical bits

· CPCC: CTI Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

· ORSC: Organisational Relationship and Systems training

· Member of ICF : the International Coaching Federation

· Global MBA from IFM, the Paris fashion management school


“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are”. e.e cummings


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Let’s open the windows and let the sunlight in!

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"People would ask me  'what do you want from your life?' and I really did not know the answer."