Clients Say

Joan Viskant Jazz singer & nutritionist


“Her perception was a revelation to me!”

Regan has a great ability to extract the essence from what is being said.
She helped me structure my goals, keeping me focused on what is really important to my life.

Victoria Smith Merchandising Manager


 “I am much happier than when we started”  

Our discussions shed a light on me that made me feel good about myself when I hadn’t been previously.  Regan has helped me on a journey to rediscover my life after many  challenging changes happened at the same time and overwhelmed me. She  has helped me to better understand the emotional, intellectual, creative  and practical aspects of my personality, and to face in to my dark  place and find that it isn’t as dark as I had thought. I am much happier  than when we started. 

 My journey hasn’t finished, I am working with Regan to imagine what  the next phase of my life is going to look like, taking a holistic  approach , knowing that I have choices.

Thomas Girty Founding Principal – Kurated


“Regan is professional and intuitive.”

I was able to benefit from Regan’s coaching and advice in the past 4 months.

She accompanied me in an exercise that permitted me to open my eyes  to personal and professional options that I might never have been able  to structure.
She’s professional, intuitive and has an excellent capacity to listen and spar with her clients

Pontus Carle Herrstrom Visual artist


She brought a sense of freedom to my life”

I really recommend Regan as a wonderful coach.
Three sessions with Regan made me aware of essential connections, which  brought a sense of freedom to my life in my present situation.


People would ask me “what do you want from your life?” and I really did not know the answer.  

I really can’t thank you enough for helping me reach this point in my life.  You encouraged me to look at areas in my life that needed looking at!  

I thank you so much for encouraging me to find that “safe place” where I was able to start breaking down the barriers and to find so much more light at the end of the tunnel.